Wireless Tools and Services Dubai


UDK delivers the industry’s most accurate solutions for designing, deploying and optimising WLANs in Dubai. Using the best planning, design and network testing tools, we ensure that your wireless network meets the highest possible user capacity and the most rigorous service quality requirements.

At UDK, we believe in empowering clients with technical expertise, so that they may help themselves. Our experts work with you to deploy affordable, scalable WLAN tools and solutions; whether you need something new, or want to upgrade your existing infrastructure, we give you the tools and the expertise you need to do things better.

Our wireless tools and services in Dubai offer:

  • Network tools and associated equipment
  • Path and site engineering and studies
  • Transmission and RF engineering
  • Network engineering and planning
  • Aligning network design with business goals and objectives
  • Upgrade and replacement of outdated WLAN systems
  • End-to-end TDM, hybrid or IP packet optimisation
  • Post deployment network optimisation
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