Wireless Solutions Dubai


Efficient, Scalable and Secure

Wireless networking is changing how IT infrastructure is procured, designed and deployed. At UDK, we optimize your wireless infrastructure for true business value.

We specialize in offering strong wireless ecosystems that are flexible, secure, and efficient. Proven in the most demanding environments, our end-to-end wireless networking solutions deliver an exceptional experience for users wherever they may roam.

We offer the following in wireless network infrastructure solutions in Dubai:

  • Vulnerability and penetration testing services offer the highest level of wireless network security audit available anywhere in the UAE. The service is ideal for testing and determining the capability, capacity and sustainability of existing systems.
  • Wireless assessment service identifies factors needed to design a wireless network. This include testing the intended location, building layout, and user density patterns.
  • Application assessment service examines the various applications you need to transmit, and estimate the network’s bandwidth and infrastructure requirements. The service establishes a practical framework for the wireless network creation.
  • Wireless network management service guides you to plan, deploy and manage your wireless network by reporting on valuable usage statistics and identifying rogue access points. It also provides centralised wireless management solutions.
  • Wireless security service assesses networks security, and offers you the best in class security and encryption testing tools and methodologies.
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