Endpoint Controls and Security Solutions


With today’s sophisticated viruses, malware and web-based attacks, signature-based security software is no longer enough to offer an acceptable level of protection for businesses in the UAE. UDK’s Endpoint Control and Security Solutions deliver a myriad of award-winning anti-malware technologies plus a host of other associated security functions to give you the all-round, multi-layer cyber defences you need.

At UDK, we use a variety of tried and tested vulnerability scanning and patch management technologies to help eradicate vulnerabilities within your operating systems, software applications and networks.

Our endpoint security and data encryption solutions help you safeguard confidential business information, even if your laptop is lost, or unauthorised users try to appropriate data.

Our advanced endpoint controls and security solutions in Dubai give you:
  • Advanced multi-layer protection against viruses and malware
  • Signature-based technologies, heuristic analysis and cloud-assisted protection
  • Network vulnerability analysis and eliminating
  • Data confidential and encryption
  • Extensive IT systems management capabilities
  • IT security policies establishment and enforcement solutions
  • Broad mobile security and MDM capabilities
  • Preconfigured IT protection and management services
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